Welcome to the official Web Site of Serbian Kingdom Lavra of St.Arch.Michael on Miholjska Prevlaka, located in the „bride of the Adriatic“ – Boka Kotorska.

This monastery is dedicated  to Holy Arhangels. There were 3 churches- one to Holy Arhangels, one to St.Nicolas and on the top –to Dormiration of the Mother of God. All 3 were destroyed in 1452.by Italians, Roman-Catholics. This litlle was rebuilt in 1833. by duchess Helen Sundacic-Vlastelinovic, known as duchess Catharine, and dedicated to Holy Trinity.

The first church was built in 4.century on the grave of unknown Christian Martyr. It was destroyed and rebuilt in 6.century by Bizantic Emperor Justinijan in 555. He also made the Monastery of St.Arch.Gabriel on the next island. This was destroyed by Avars in 7.c., and rebuilt in 9.c.by the Bishop John of Kotor(Byzantic bishop), and again destroyed by Muslims, Arabs ,in 9.c. The last big church was rebuilt by St.King Stephan First – Crowned, and there  St.Sava, the first Arhibishop of the Serbs, put  the seat for bishop for Motenegro in 1219.. Also, here was the first Metropolija until 1452.

Here lived St.Archibishop Evstatije Prevlacki (13.c.), and here was written the oldest copy of “Krmcija” Sv.Save, “Ilovicka Krmcija “, 1262. It is the collection of the rools for the Church, for the army, the state and the school.

The Serbian rulers ruled over this area until 1420 (Balshici). Then began to rule Roman –Catholics, Italians. Their cardinal, Marin Kontanero, gave the money and the poison, arsenic, to one man from Kotor, Marin Drusco, to put the poison in the fish-soup on the feast-day of Holy Archangels, on 21.11.1452. Italians bombed the church and the house from the ship, destroyed  them, took the stones and built roman-catholic church in Kotor, and all the island gave like a present to that family who killed the monks. They kept the vineyards here until the 19.century. Then, they sold the island. One third bought the  Orthodox widow Helen, later she took the name Catharine. She rebuilt the little church, and built two houses here. She was also killed by the Roman-Catholics, Austro-Hungarians, 1847., because she  gave the monastery like a present  to Metropoliten Njegosh 1846. He was the ruler of Montenegro, and here it was another country, it was the occupation by the  Austro-Hungary.

The relics of the Martyrs, who were poisoned,  were found first on 15.5.1996. and mostly on 23.11.1996. All the time during these 12 years comes very strong fragrance from them ,like a miracle of God. Also they were myrgushing for 3,5 years. There were healings from cancer, the illnesses of the eyes, the spin, from poisoning by food, when dog eats the man, help for the school, on the job, etc.

We know the names of 5 of them:The Abbot RUVIM, and the pries-monks: Maxim, Basil, Mihail, and Dimitry.

The feast days of the monastery are on 17.1 (the day of St.Evstatije), 3.3 .(the day of repose of the Duchess), 10.5., Feast of The Holy Trinity, 26.7 (the day of Holy Arch.Gabriel), and 21.11. ( the day of Holy Arch.Mihail).


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